Happy Birthday to me

I turn 35 years old today.

For someone who never thought they’d reach 30, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Life hasn’t always been easy, or pleasant, but I’m pretty happy with where it’s led me so far. I’ve hiked barefoot through the snow at midnight, and trudged through a desert valley under the blazing summer sun. I’ve tasted the salty breeze off the Mediterranean, and climbed to the top of the Alps to see the world spread beneath me. I’ve watch the light fade from a friend’s eyes, and heard a newborn cry. I’ve ridden a hover board, shot a gun, and been punched in the face. I’ve slept under the stars, and made a child with the man I love.

And yet, I’m still the same person I’ve always been.

Do you feel like you’ve changed over the years? Or are we who we are going to be from the beginning, no matter the path we take?


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