Review: Priestess of the White

Priestess of the White (Age of the Five, #1)Priestess of the White by Trudi Canavan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has a lot of good qualities, like the detailed world building and well-developed secondary characters. That said, it also has several issues. The story, while intriguing, moves slowly, and the main character can be quite irritating.

If you like religious debates, moral dilemmas, and crises of faith, you’ll probably like this book. If you like high-paced action, I’d look elsewhere. While there is quite a bit of action, it is drawn out with lengthy prose.

I mentioned the secondary characters as one of the good points of this book. I think Canavan provided an interesting cast, but even that character development is rather drawn out, teasing the reader with promises of great revelations and tantalizing clues to the characters’ pasts, but actual information was portioned out in tiny nuggets that, while desperately snapped up, never left me completely satisfied.

I have actually read this whole series, and I mention this because I think the books build well, and you get a great story at the end. The tricky bit is getting there. You need to have some patience for this one to really pay out.

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