Review and Giveaway: Secret Lives of Rockstars Book 2

Secret Lives of Rockstars: Book TwoSecret Lives of Rockstars: Book Two by Suzanne Lazear

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First, a little disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. As a result though, I read the books out of order. So, here is my review of book two, having not yet read book one.

This was an incredibly fast-paced book. I blew through it very quickly partly due to the plot pacing, and partly due to the short length. For the most part, I enjoy books that don’t drag on, but there were places where I felt like I was watching a movie on fast forward. There were also a lot of people and things that were mentioned but never explained. This could be due to the fact that it is book 2, and presumably these things were explained in book one. In that regard, this book does not stand on its own.

The writing was solid. There were a number of editorial errors, but not enough to distract from the story. I was able to engage with both the characters and the setting right away, descriptions were apt and concise. I admit Bitsy felt a little shallow to me at times because of the way she was dragged through the plot. She didn’t spend much time thinking about why she was doing what she was doing, and therefore felt like she was doing it just for the sake of the story. still, she had a fun, snarky attitude and I enjoyed reading her.

Overall, this felt like the second half of a book, so I’d say it’s the kind of series that really can’t be read out of order. That said, I enjoyed it enough that I am definitely going to go back and read book one. I’ll update this review after that.

Edit: After reading book 1, I am more convinced than ever that these are really a single book split in two. I honestly didn’t get all that much additional information or insight from the first one. You can read my review of Book 1 HERE.

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Suzanne Lazear spins tales of the fantastic. She’s the author of the New Adult Elfpunk The Secret Lives of Rockstars (Leap Books) and the YA dark fairytale steampunk series The Aether Chronicles (Flux). Suzanne lives in Southern California with her daughter and husband where she’s trying to make tiny dragons out of wool. One day she’ll actually create a working cupcake cannon.


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