Game Review: Overcooked

Overcooked on Nintendo Switch: 3.5 of 5 stars.

This game started off so fun! It was great for playing together with my husband as you really have to communicate and work together in order to do well.

Unfortunately, the number of stars needed to continue progressing after we passed about half the levels became increasingly difficult, requiring that we earned 3 stars (a perfect score) on nearly all the levels in order to keep moving forward. This meant we had to keep going back and replaying levels over and over just to get those last few elusive points if we wanted to keep going. It quickly became very frustrating. We have 3 stars on nearly all the levels in the first 4 areas, but we’re not able to move forward in area 5 because each new level we unlock seems to require *4* more stars than the previous level, meaning we have to go back and suffer through one of the earlier levels we weren’t able to ace.

I tried to play a level in solo mode, to see if the difficulty was different, but it was awful. You still have two cooks to control, so you have to switch back and forth between their bodies to make them do tasks. Compared to the two-player mode it was clunky, slow, and no fun at all. This game was definitely meant to be played with friends.

Overall, the gameplay and concept are fun, but the frustration level is just too high for this type of casual game.


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