How do you choose?

Same old problem on a different day: I’ve run out of space on my shelves. The wall of shelves built into my studio, the shelves we installed in the living room, the bookcases in my bedroom, Alice’s room, and the office. Yep, they’re all full. And I *still* have stacks of books piling up around the house. It’s time to clean.

I’ve tried three times in the last month to thin out my collection, but I keep getting stopped by the same question. How do I choose? It’s like facing a roomful of expectant children waiting to find out if they are mommy’s favorite or are about to be put up for adoption.

This is where some people undoubtedly speak up with advice like, “Switch to ebooks, they don’t take up space.” Yeah, they don’t take up physical space, but they also don’t have the comforting weight of a book, or the texture, or the smell. I can’t easily flip the pages back and forth to find a key phrase I might have missed. I can’t see my progress at a glance, and I don’t have the physical reminder of it there on my coffee table or nightstand. I already spend an obscene amount of time at my computer each day, plucking away at my stories. I also spend more than enough time on my phone (the device on which I read ebooks). I find them cold and uncomfortable, and I fear my enjoyment of a story suffers somewhat from the medium. That said, I understand the convenience. When I travel, I am thrilled to have a library in the pocket of my jeans. But, for the most part, I’m still a physical book person.

So, the dilemma remains: How do I choose?



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