Road Trip: Washington

Since Alice was out of school for spring break, we decided to visit David’s sister and her family at their new place just outside of Seattle. It was Alice’s first real road trip, and I’m happy to report it was a great success.



Alice was a trooper during the two long days of driving it took to get out there and the two long days of driving to get back. šŸ™‚ David and I took turns driving through most of the days, pulling over to sleep through the wee hours of the night at road-side rest stops.





The first of those stops happened to be at a museum-type-thing for the OregonĀ Trail. Looking up at this sign all I could think of were pixelated green letters saying: “Little Mary died of dysentery,” or “Timmy was lost crossing the ford.” (Yeah, that brings back memories…)


The weather couldn’t have been better for driving: Sunny and clear for the most part, but not hot enough to bake us. Since this was Alice’s first road trip, I packed way more snacks and distractions than any sane person would actually need, including a bunch of audiobooks. That may not seem like a big deal to most people, but despite my voracious appetite for books, I’ve never listened to an audiobook before (with the exception of some passages played during high school and college English classes). It was interesting, and you can look forward to some reviews of the audiobooks from this trip just as soon as I get the time to actually write them.


The bestĀ part of this trip was that Alice and her cousin Lily got to play and get to know each other. Above you can see David with his sister Amy, Alice and Lily riding their respective parent. Below are some pics of the girls playing together.

We also got to spend some “grown-up” time with Amy and her husband Mike, which mostly translates to playing lots of board games. šŸ™‚ We did go in to visit Mike’s office in Penny Arcade one day (his new job was the reason they moved out there). If you’re unfamiliar with Penny Arcade, they are best known for their comics, the PAX conventions, and Child’s Play.Ā  We got to meet several of his coworkers, and it seems like a pretty awesome place to work.


On the last of the three days we spent there, we went exploring in Seattle proper. We parked at Pike Market, where we encountered buskers, a woman dressed up as a surprisingly convincing statue, and hills so steep they made my legs scream. Then we rode the monorail to the city center. The Space Needle wasn’t nearly as impressiveĀ as it seems in movies, but I took my requisite picture and I can mark it off my landmark list. šŸ˜‰



We also toured the Chihuly Glass Garden, which was beautiful. I highly recommendĀ seeing it at least once. The pictures really don’t do it justice.

The last thing we did before leaving the city was to ride on the giant Ferris Wheel. It was expensive, but gave us a great view of the whole city and it was a lot of fun. Good times!



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