Review: The Spindlers (audio)



The Spindlers by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Spindlers was another audiobook that I listened to on my recent road trip to Seattle. In this case, the format in no way detracted from the story. The narration was wonderful, with effective voice changes for the characters, an even tempo, and good audio editing that ensured the volume remained consistent.

The story itself was about a little girl named Liza who goes on a quest to rescue her brother after he his abducted by the spindlers and a changeling child is left in his place. She travels to the world below, a beautifully imagined and depicted place brought to life by the author’s excellent descriptions and charming details. For example, citizens of the below exchange slips of colored paper as currency and Liza’s guide makes a comment about how the world above is so obsessed just with the green papers. Liza tries to argue that our paper money is valuable for a reason, but is brought up short when she realizes our currency really has no more backing than the slips of pink and purple passed back and forth below.

The writing style was smooth and humorous and kept me engaged from beginning to end, to say nothing of my daughter who sat rapt the entire time, alternately laughing and clutching her pillow in suspense. The characterizations were unique and fitting, and woven flawlessly into the narrative. There were also some lovely twists that I won’t go into because I don’t want to give anything away. Nothing too over the top, but just right for the comprehension level of the story.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable listen that made the time pass with ease.

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