Game Review: Putty Pals

Score: 5 of 5 stars

2-player cooperative. Recommended for children and those looking for a fun casual game.

My daughter and I have been playing Putty Pals for about a month now. We’re nearly to the end of the map, but there’s still plenty of play in the form of bonus levels and time trials, so I feel the value delivered was good for the price.

It’s a truely cooperative game, fun for both kids and adults, where you play as two little goo balls of varying color. Together, you must work your way through a side-scroling platform map filled with hazards. The reason I absolutely love this game for small children is that there is a checkpoint flag right before each puzzle, so you can try as many times as necessary without having to start the level over from the beginning. This greatly reduces the frustration factor, which those with kids will know is a big selling point.

The one exception to the laid-back feel was the “boss” levels. At the end of each of the areas is a final level that includes an added element: time. In the first area this equates to rising lava. In the second it’s a storm that blows in from the side. These elements force the putty pals to charge through the level without backtracking or slowing down too much. This proved impossible for Alice and caused a rush of adrenaline, compounded by fast, exciting music, that made her quite upset.

Eventually my husband and I agreed to play those levels so Alice wouldn’t have to, and she’s enjoyed playing all the other levels. I think she’ll be able to play even these challenging levels within the next year (6-7 years old), and look forward to playing it with her again once she has a little more experience under her belt.

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