Happy 4th of July!

June has been a busy month. My little girl turned 6 years old on June 1st! We celebrated with a whole weekend of birthday parties. The second weekend was taken up with a three-day backpacking trip to the Great Sand Dune in southern Colorado. You can read all about that and see pictures here. There were dance recitals, barbecues, play dates, bike rides… Yeah, summer is definitely here. 😉

Despite all of these many distractions, I am ecstatic to report that I have FINISHED COURTING DARKNESS!!! By finished, of course, I only mean the first draft, but still. The story exists somewhere other than my head, and I’m very excited to free up the extra space for MORE STORIES!

I hope your summer is off to a great start as well.  🙂




Magicsmith Book 2: Courting Darkness- Draft one is DONE! It was a lot of early mornings, but I managed to do it. *Happy dance*

The Price of Tomorrow – I got back responses from *most* of my beta readers, so it’s time to tackle a few more changes and polish it up. I’m debating whether or not I want to start querying this book while I’m so busy with my other series or not. We’ll see.

Magicsmith Book 3: (Title TBD) – I didn’t manage to work on this book in June beyond stray thoughts and daydreams, so July is going to be all about pinning down the outline. Hopefully, come August, I’ll have a solid framework for the story.




The most interesting thing I learned this month:

It’s illegal to carry a blade longer than 3.5 inches, or any ballistic knife, in the state of Colorado. I also learned a ballistic knife is a knife where the blade can be detached and shot from the handle. Crazy!


The first two books I read this month were a breeze. I finished both in a few days apiece. Then I started on Infected and, well… Let’s just say it broke the pattern. The review for that one will be out next week.




Currently on my TBR shelf:

July brings fireworks and backyard barbecues, as well as another camping trip. I’m looking forward to taking a little breather now that the first draft of Courting Darkness is done before I jump into editing.


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