On the Move!

Hello! I know it's been a while since I last posted, but I promise I have a very good reason. At least, I think it's a good reason. I'M MOVING MY SITE! That's right, I've created an entirely new author website, including a new section of bonus content, and I'm moving my blog to match.... Continue Reading →

Taking a break

Happy New Year!   In order to focus on some of my more time-sensitive projects, I've decided to take a short break from posting on my blog. But, have no fear, I'll be back to my regular posts in February. See you then!

2018 – Looking back

Since December marks the end of the year, I'm taking a look at the year as a whole rather than just the last month. HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018: Signed my first book deal Attended my daughter's first piano concert My daughter lost her first tooth My nephew was born Visited Seattle for the first time Reviewed... Continue Reading →

Review: Firefight

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Firefight is the second book in Brandon Sanderson's Reckoners series, and I liked it even better than the first. Firefight takes place after both the first book, Steelheart, and the novella, Mitosis. In it, the main character, David, joins Prof and Tia on a trip... Continue Reading →

Working Through Rejection

I'm sitting in front of my computer this morning after a kind of terrible weekend. I worked hard last week to increase my stock of chainmaille jewelry so that I could attend a craft fair in Jamestown with a friend of mine. I sat at the table for six hours, smiling at strangers, despite the... Continue Reading →

November Recap

I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, here are the TOP 10 THINGS I'M THANKFUL FOR: FAMILY HEALTH LAUGHTER BOOKS CHAINMAILLE SNUGGLES SUNNY DAYS SNOW MUSIC YUMMY FOOD For many people, November is all about writing. NaNoWriMo anyone? But for me, it was all about editing. I did actually consider... Continue Reading →

Check out my stop on the Ruins on Stone Hill blog tour!   Ruins on Stone Hill (Heroes of Ravenford #1) by F.P. Spirit Genre: YA Fantasy Release Date: December 2016 Summary: Magic is easy. That’s what Glolindir thought, until he came across his first real monster. Luckily, he survived, thanks to his new “friends.”Lloyd, the reckless young... Continue Reading →

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